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CAPITAL CITY DESIGN is a Victoria, BC based real estate staging company. Experienced with small and large homes, we enjoy working with new condominium developments and in small spaces around 1000 square feet. Helping real estate sales by showing buyers how a smaller home can function is extra gratifying to us.

Our goal is marketing homes to help sellers get the best return and to help buyers get the best vision of space use in their new home. For those downsizing, it is important to show how quality of life does not have to be sacrificied by living in a smaller home. With joint collaboration and professional staging we can help you show effectively to your target markets and even sell in less time for more money.*

CAPITAL CITY DESIGN is a seasoned and talented team of people working together with passion for quality, service, interiors and real estate.  We collaborate whenever possible with local trades, furniture suppliers and home accent stores and are spirited individuals who love the indoor world. Solving the puzzle of home space and function makes us smile. We believe our services will do the same for you.


Home staging is the act of preparing for sale with special emphasis on appearance and presentation. Capital City Design will stage your space in a aesthetically pleasing manner in order to attract a homebuyer and to get offers more quickly.


The goal of staging is to attract a buyer more quickly and to sell for the highest possible price. We help make spaces memorable so that you have an advantage in todays real estate market.



Owner of Capital City Design


A 2005 graduate of the BCIT School of Construction and Interior Design with a Management Certificate in Interior Design, Marlena moved to Victoria in 2010 previously having offered staging services and interior consulting to homeowners and the yacht sales community in Vancouver. 

A ticketed sea Captain (FM III) who has lived at sea and over fifteen years in small homes sized between 370 & 1000 square feet, this lady is an experienced small space specialist.​

With a deep desire to understand each unique perspective of the real estate sales market, Marlena studied the Real Estate licensee course in the name of professional development.


Understanding the buying process and its challenges has deeply built her compassion towards buyers and sellers alike. Marlena believes real estate staging goes hand in hand with real estate marketing and she wants to ensure buyers have a strong understanding of what they are buying.

Marlena Turner holds the Canadian Certified Staging Professional (CCSP) designation with honours and is a member of RESA (Real Estate Staging Association).​

She is committed to keeping current in home staging training and driving successful real estate sales.​​

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